85% of tobacco and cannabis users prefer to smoke indoor; problem is majority of them are disgusted by the stench left behind after the act. People smoke indoors for several reasons; top among which are the convenience of enjoying their cigarette or cannabis in the comfort of their living space; Inclement weather like snow and rain that make smoking outside virtually impossible and also is the desire to keep smoking habit discreet from neighbors among a host of other reasons. This demand for an indoor smoking solution gave birth to smoke freshly. Smoke freshly was built with the mission to solve the challenges faced by indoor smokers who want to smoke in the comfort of their room without having to deal with the smell.Smoke freshly has a spherical base which houses a motorized DC backward curved impeller which acts as the air suction. The impeller moves the air 90 degrees in all direction by sucking in the air from above, the air is made to pass through an activated carbon filter at the middle. The imported filtered air from above is expelled sideways via the vent at the base. At the bottom of the device are slanted vents that opens up the base for easy air expulsion.

On top of the device is a detachable oil dripper that also acts as the lid. The oil dripper is popped open at the top. Fragrance oil is poured into the dripper and allowed to wet the filter for at least one minute before the dripper is lifted. The oil dripper is supported by a cylindrical mesh which extends downward along the trunk. The device was built with a replaceable premium activated carbon material that filters smoke fumes, offensive particles and allergies during the suction process.

To use the device, users will simply add a fragrance oil of their choice to the oil dripper on top, allow the oil to drip on the filter for one minute, users will remove the lid and push the power button to turn it on. Users will hold their cigarettes or whatever they’re smoking directly above the device and exhale into it after each pull. The side stream smoke from the cigarette will be sucked in as well as the mainstream smoke from their exhaled breath. All the smoke will be filtered as they pass through the activated carbon filter while simultaneously being replaced with the fragrance scent before being expelled at the base.

Smoke freshly has several applications apart from being an instant air purifier for indoor smokers. The device is also a valuable utility for chefs and everyday people who cook. Smoke freshly will suck in smokes from cook burns, purify it and stop the lousy smoke alarm instantly by cutting off the source of smoke.

Smoke freshly was designed to be a cheap replacement for air fresheners in general. The device will fill the house with fragrance scent as soon as it’s turned on and users can choose from varieties of fragrance scents.The device comes with a power adaptor and 3 pairs of rechargeable batteries making this device the perfect travel companion for use in the car, parks or wherever power outlet is out of reach. Smoke freshly is portable enough to be put in a bag pack allowing users a great deal of mobility and flexibility.