How Do I Pay For Shipping?

We have partnered with Shopify to handle all of our shipping and fulfillment. Shipping will be charged after our campaign successfully ends in our post-campaign pledge manager called BackerKit. Using BackerKit, you will be able to confirm your rewards, confirm your address, and finalize your order. We estimate that the shipping fee per unit will be about $35-$90, depending on the destination country. Once we have the stats for each area of the world, we will negotiate pricing based on volume and we’ll pass on any savings to you, ensuring you pay the lowest fair price possible for your reward. If you purchase multiple units of Smoke Freshly, then you will receive an even bigger discount off of shipping.

How Do I Pay VAT/Tax

Shipping, Taxes (and VAT / GST) will be calculated and paid for towards the end of the campaign, just before we ship out to our supporters. This is being managed through BackerKit who will be in contact via email.