No. Smoke Freshly is quite different from your traditional air purifier. Firstly, it consumes more power than regular air purifiers. The high powered suction and battery operation makes it unable to run for several hours unlike traditional air purifiers.

No. The heavy duty suction will run out the battery if device is left running all night. Device needs to be turned off immediately after use.

The coverage area for Smoke Freshly is about 4.9 ft perimeter.

To use the device, simply open the fragrance tank and add your favorite fragrance scent before turning it on. It’s advisable to bring the device as close to you as possible while smoking for maximum purification.

The decibel level for the device is 65DbA which can be compared with noise from a medium sized standing fan.

Device comes with a charger which can be plugged into your AC power outlet. It takes on average; 8 hours until battery is fully charged.

A fully charged battery can power the device for 3.5 hours of continuous, non-stop operation and as much as 5 days for regular short uses.

Device gives off organic, non-toxic fragrance scent at fraction of the cost an average consumer spends on air purifiers every year. It’s definitely a good replacement for air freshener.

Permissible ambient temperature for the device range from -4F to 95F.

HEPA filter and fragrance oils will be supplied in accordance with each specific reward of our campaign. After receiving the product, you can order more fragrance oil or filters from the product website.

We are the only one offering HEPA filter that’s custom fit for the size of the product but for fragrance oil, you can always purchase from other brands if you so desire.

Order fulfillment (shipping) will commence on the 1st of March 2021, one month after the product launch ending date.

We ship worldwide to over 182 countries. You can review our detailed shipping policy on the product website

Yes. Smoke Freshly comes with 1 year warranty.